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pands_smallGiant has worked on movies big and small, games, and commercials.

With a completely customizable a la carte pricing system, we can provide you with a performance capture or virtual production solution to meet your needs.

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James Cameron Thanks Giant Studios

James Cameron thanks Giant Studios "Giant Studios,

It was your performance capture system which laid the foundation that enabled our characters' performances to soar.

With much appreciation,
Jim Cameron, Jon Landau & Lightstorm Entertainment"

Project Home Tree

hometreeIn commemoration of Hometree in Avatar, Giant Studios has donated money to help plant a green corridor between two forest islands in Costa Rica.

Learn about what we've done, and what you can do, at www.projecthometree.org

Welcome to Giant Studios

Giant Studios offers filmmakers and game developers capabilities that simply can't be done anywhere else, from Gollum in Lord of the Rings to I Am Legend to Avatar.

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